Pricing our sales and service.

Tru-Comfort strives to have constant pricing for our products and services.

Our equipment sales price are confidential information but be assured we sell the equipment at a constant price. So if your friend or neighbor has purchase a system from us at a giving price your price will match there price for the same equipment. If you in the market for a new system call us for your free in home analyzed system proposal.

Service Call. Our service call cost is $ 105.00 dollars as of now. This covers the cost to have a technician arrive at your home and do a standard diagnostic on your equipment.  Once gas prices break $ 5.00 gallon we may increase or price again to cover the cost and inflation

Maintenance check. Our maintenance check cost is $ 105.00 per unit per visit which covers checking out the unit for proper operation. Check and change 1” standard filter at no cost other filter such as pleated or 4” filter cost extra. Cleaning and freon are a extra charge and maintenance check are not perform during our peak season without a Service Call Charge.

Flat Rate Pricing. We use a flat rate pricing to figure our cost for standard repairs. This pricing is done by HVAC standard pricing book. The HVAC business has a suggest price for repairs that we try to follow when ever possible.>

Hourly Charge. If If you need service that does not meet the standard flat rate pricing we charge a hourly rate of $ 105.00 per hour for lead technicians and $ 60.00 for helpers.

Freon Charge.  We charge $100 per pound for refrigerant (R410) and $120 per pound for (R-22),  When you need more than five pounds we will figure a discounted price based on the amount of refrigerant needed.  Refrigerant prices keep increasing so the price of refrigerant may go up at any time without notice.

Prices are subject to change without notice.